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In 2020, we began our first flock of free-ranging heritage hybrid chickens, as the keystone species of our Poultry Centred Regenerative Agriculture system.

We are working toward food security and food sovereignty in our region, with a strong focus on ecological and economic sustainability. We believe we can contribute to our local food economy while protecting wild and managed habitats, buildling a local industry and learning from Indigenous systems.

In our first season in 2020 we raised 1500 chickens in a single flock while learning all about farm start-ups, chickens, and regenerative practices.

After three seasons of raising chickens, The Chicken Project is transitioning out or raising poultry ourselves as there are now enough local chicken producers here to support our food security. 


We are committed to support locals wanting to raise chickens in the Upper Skeena through mentorship, and resources on the tree-generative model we’ve compiled from our multi-year learning journey.

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