Want to an SWCC Monthly Supporter? You have two awesome choices!

If you are a huge fan of the Sacred headwaters and want to support education, research and community building activities becoming a Monthly Supporter Program is a great option. Become a monthly supporter with a minimum of $10 per month and invest directly into building the Sacred Headwaters community and educating our youth! Would you like to become an SWCC Monthly supporter and donate directly to SWCC each month to help us with our non-charitable campaigns and activities? Are you not fussed about receiving a tax reciept for your donations? Great! This options is for you.

I want to support SWCC directly through a monthly donation:

Direct donations are non-charitable, this means we can’t give you a tax receipt, however, these donations are incredibly important to us. They help us fulfill our mandate and stay afloat! To set up a recurring donation simply click the button below and select ‘recurring donation’ on the online form, or give us a call at the office: 250 842 2494 and we’ll get it all set up for you!

Option Two: Sign up for a monthly Donation to the Skeena Watershed Fund at MakeWay


To become a SWCC Monthly Supporter and support our Charitable programs such as Youth On Water (YOW!) and other community outreach work. Simply click the ‘Become an SWCC monthly supporter’ button BELOW. Fill in your details to donate to the Skeena Watershed Fund at MakeWay Foundation.

The purpose of the fund is to support charitable programs such as education, research and community building activities in the Skeena Watershed. Charitable donations to the Skeena Watershed Fund are eligibe for tax reciepts.

Our Youth On Water Program: Your monthly donation will help us to foster a conservation ethic in the leaders of tomorrow

Here at SWCC we are extremely proud of the Youth On Water (YOW!) Program. What began in 2009 as a small project with six youth in Hazelton, has become a extremely successful regional outdoor recreation program.

Today YOW! has over 100 participants from six communities and is empowering regional youth through on-the-water activities that connect them with local rivers, a sense of adventure, environmental awareness and technical raft guide training.

The YOW! program is free to participants because of the generosity and passion of our community. Your monthly donation makes all the difference. SWCC’s goal is that eventually our entire Youth On Water Program can be run in collaboration with Tides Canada Initiatives solely through our monthly supporters. The future is YOW!

A Sustainable Sacred Headwaters: Your monthly donation will help us carry out reserach, education and outreach activities

SWCC’s goal is to ensure that our watershed remains intact and any development occurs in a sustainable manner that protects natural and cultural resources and support our communities, now and in the future. Help us to make a difference by supporting our research, education and outreach programs.

SWCC’s community building work includes:

> Education and outreach programs empower our community with the knowledge and inspiration to build a more sustainable future around our healthy rivers.

> Expeditions get people of all ages out on the land to connect them with their watershed and infuse their lives with the sense of place that is the foundation to our regional art and culture

> Developing tourism and sustainable livelihoods in the watershed presents such as trail building and resource management, fishing and hunting guiding and cabin building.

> Research projects are collaborative in naturewith a baseline inventory focus on wild salmon enumeration and habitat, water quality and cultural heritage resources in remote headwaters ecosystems