About Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition


“Cultivating a sustainable future from a sustainable environment rooted in our culture and thriving wild salmon ecosystem.”

The Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition was founded in 2004 by a diverse group of people living and working in the Skeena River watershed. Our board of directors and membership reflects the broad interests of the people in this region. We are united in understanding that short term industrial development plans, even 50 year plans, will not benefit our region in the long run if they undermine the social and environmental fabric that holds the watershed and its communities together. Our range of activities all reflect this vision. They include:

  • Informing our membership on proposed development plans that may compromise our vision of a sustainable regional economy.
  • Working to develop long-term stewardship plans for the Skeena Watershed
  • Organizing information meetings between regional/provincial governments, corporate developers and local communities
  • Contributing to baseline research of wildlife, water quality, and cultural heritage resources in the Upper Skeena Watershed
  • Developing sustainable employment opportunities that are compatible with the globally significant values of the region
  • Providing educational programs for the region’s children and youth (school programs and a summer conservation camp) to learn about the values within the Skeena watershed
  • Sponsoring gatherings for stories, music, and art celebrating the Skeena Watershed

And just how do we get this done?

We get people out and connecting with our watershed. Below are just a few examples of the SWCC's method of engagement - our River Expeditions, our YOW (Youth On Water) Program, and our GET THE SHELL OUT of the Sacred Headwaters Campaign.


SWCC conducts river expeditions where we discover ancient village sites, fish pits, arborglyphs, petroglyphs, gravesites, trails, message trees, pit houses, etc.  We have also conducted fish studies, water studies, and much more!