About Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition


We could not have pulled off this project without the generosity of our project sponsors.

GOLD LEVEL SPONSORS (Contributions over $5,000):


  • Mountain Equipment Co-op – Our BIGGEST sponsor!!
  • Patagonia – Not only donated $5000, they also donated Ali’s personal gear and many other items.
  • E.L.F. Silviculture – All the tree planters donated a “bag-up” worth of trees to the swim and ELF matched their contribution.
  • The Cliffs at Kispiox River was the first SWCC funder and helped us get started, they also donated their rafts and expedition equipment for this journey – we are eternally grateful for all they continue to do for the Skeena watershed.
  • Double Haul Productions is along for the ride, making a feature documentary of the expedition.

Private Donations:

  • The Gibb Family
  • The Eberts Family

SILVER LEVEL SPONSORS (Contributions up to $5,000)

  • Skeena Junior Secondary – The students and staff chipped in for a nice sized donation to Ali’s swim.
  • Roy Henry Vickers – Donated $500 cash, keeps us grounded with his wisdom and designed our logo. Roy also joined us on the float from Kispiox to Hazelton with his canoe Nunsusailus (Manyhands) and is also allowing the us to use Nunsusailus from Terrace to Port Edward to help with the wind and chop we will face. This is a great honour for the team.
  • Tim Pask – This is the guy that elevated the Skeena Swim from a mere thought to reality, he was the inspiration to actually go through with it!
  • Alex & Jim Howard – Ali’s parents have contributed financially, collected donations from friends & neighbours in Ottawa, and have come to BC to give Ali their valuable moral support.
  • LOTS of other folks who have sent donations – We are so grateful for the overwhelming support that we have received. No matter what size, every donation contributes to the success of this endeavour!

BRONZE LEVEL SPONSORS (Contributions in the form of gear, expertise and services)

  • Kispiox Fishing Company – Not only does owner/operator Jim Allen lead all of our expeditions, he is the best campfire cook we know!
  • iWoodFish – Todd & Kathy Stockner head up all our logistics and “behind the scenes” stuff that make all our crazy ideas work.
  • Skeena Valley Expeditions – These guys help us figure out the risks/concerns in the lower Skeena as they are the primary river operator in the area.
  • Driftwood Foundation – Our charitable sponsor that allows your donations to be tax deductible, they work really hard to help make the education and outreach work successful.
  • The Water Team – Thanks to Jennifer Nichols who designed our Swim 2009 T-shirts
  • Fin Donnelly – He swam the ENTIRE Fraser River (twice), the Georgia Strait and many other massive bodies of water. He was the first person we called to figure out how to get down the Skeena.
  • Ocean Rodeo – Ali’s Personal River Gear.
  • Raven Rescue – Trained the entire expedition team in swiftwater rescue (even the film crew) and helped us create our risk assessment and safety plan.
  • Kokatat – Ali and Expedition Crew’s River Gear, nothing but the BEST!
  • NRS – Gave us a smoking deal on purchased raft gear and threw in some free gear for the entire team!!
  • Frontier Chrysler – Kicked in 700km for free on our shuttle vehicles, we needed big trucks with 4×4 to get into the Sacred Headwaters.
  • Hannah Stockner – A local Kispiox Valley teen that donated her artistic talents to design one of the Skeena Swim stickers and t-shirts.
  • Kispiox Barn Company – Owner, Matt Lewis, is donating his services as a raft guide.
  • AJ Snack Master – Owner Aaron James donated his skills as a Level 3 First Aider AND his skills as a caterer (he organized ALL our food including food drops, high power items and kitchen equipment).
  • Chris Howard – Ali’s brother has been indispensable as the “go to” guy for getting groceries and gear, making connections to get them to the team, and providing moral support for his little sister.
  • Mark Perry, Beth Larsen, Richard Jenne, who provided musical entertainment at the celebration at ‘Ksan.
  • Los Gringos Salvajes – This band from Smithers is donating a performance at the final concert in Prince Rupert.
  • Rachelle van Zanten – Will rock the house at the concert in Prince Rupert as her ongoing contribution to help protect the Skeena.
  • Wade Davis – gave the team a place to sleep before driving into the Sacred Headwaters, letting them completely invaded his private paradise on Ealue Lake. He and his wife Gail were very supportive and the team is so thankful for their incredible hospitality. Wade also drove into the Sacred Headwaters the day before Ali started and spotted the grizzly that they all watched for at least an hour near the camp.
  • Bee & Paul on the Kuldo – gave the team a place to camp after being on the water for 10 days. The team got to visit their close family and friends and even had a visit from the Cliffs at Kispiox River Conservation Camp for kids!! Bee sent them on their way the next day with a Gitxsan blessing. It was an honour to stay there and a good reintroduction to civilization…although they live in the middle of the wilderness.
  • Don & Stusha Messier – hosted the first community event in Kispiox Valley at their place located on the Skeena River. They gave Ali a cabin and bed to sleep on AND fed the team fresh veggies from their large garden and greenhouse. It was lots of fun to see everybody and hear them cheering for us!