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Date and time: Sun, August 02, 2009 - 1:18 am

July 19th – Arrive in Spencer’s Flat – set up camp

July 20th – Full day in Sacred Headwaters to unload gear, mentally prepare as a team for expedition and ready equipment for the helicopter sling of rafts and rafting crew to the Otsi camp. The Skeena is just too shallow for large boats,

July 21stSPIRIT OF THE SKEENA SWIM OFFICIALLY BEGINS!! Ali, Chris Gee (safety kayaker) and Kim Ward-Robberts (probe/scout kayaker) swim and paddle 15km to Otsi camp where the rest of the team will be waiting with the rafts.

July 22ndOtsi – Biernes Creek, this the first day on the water with the full expedition crew. Ali will swim 15km in shallow water wearing knee pads and other protective equipment.

July 23rdBiernes Creek – Kluatantan River, 23km that starts off mellow building up to some action in the afternoon.

July 24thKluatantan – Duti, This will be Ali’s toughest day as her muscles will be painfully adjusting to the 3rd day of cold water temperature. She will swim an arduous 22km while this adjustment takes place.

July 25thDuti – Mosque, Ali’s first really LONG day as she is expected to swim 40km to reach the Mosque River

July 26thMosque – Sustut, While Ali and the team have only been on the water for 5 days, it’s 9 days since they left home and will need to re-supply. A helicopter will drop their next 7 days worth of food, batteries and any other equipment needed at the Sustut River confluence after Ali swims the 30km to get there.

July 27thSustut – Canyon Camp, as this is Ali’s 7th day swimming, the 14kms of river swimming is considered a “rest day”, but only for Ali as the rafting crew will be portaging the rafts and gear through a narrow canyon.

July 28thCanyon Camp – Fourth Cabin, 28km is on the schedule for Ali on this day. Her destination is the “Fourth Cabin” on the old Telegraph Trail. While the cabin roof has caved in, you can still peek inside and find old traps and other provisions from the linesmen and telegraph crew.

July 29thFourth Cabin – Sicintine 25km

July 30thSicintine – Kuldo, 28km and another re-supply of food and gear

July 31stKuldo- Babine, 34km

August 1stBabine- Skeena Drop-off, no long weekend holidays for Ali or the crew, just another 23km along the Skeena

August 2rdSkeena Drop-off – Kispiox Valley, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI!!!! How many people have to swim 21km for some birthday cake?

August 3rdKispiox Valley – Kispiox Village – Glen Vowell – Hazelton (KSAN), 4 communities and 18km – WHEW!! The crowd at Ksan will be huge and we know the Gitxsan have something special planned. You can also watch Ali swim under the “4-mile” bridge on her way to Hazelton!

August 4thHazelton – Kisteguecla, 21km

August 5thKitseguecla- Kitwanga, 19km

August 6thKitwanga- Insect Creek, 23km

August 7thInsect ck – Doreen, 20km

August 8thDoreen – Usk – Kitselas, 34km

August 9thKitselas – Terrace, 20km to Kitsumkalum boat launch

August 10thTerrace – Shames, 34km

August 11thShames – Kasika, 34km

August 12thKasiks – Khtada, 30km

August 13thKhtada – Frizzell, 18km

August 14thFrizzell Hotsprings – DeHorsey Island, 18km

August 15thDe Horsey Island – North Pacific Cannery FINISHED!!, 8km

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