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Friday, July 24: Jim calls from the confluence of the Mosque River

[Transmitted by satellite phone]

Listen to the audio file of Jim’s blog entry.

Hello, this is Jim Allen from the confluence of the Mosque and the Skeena River. Ali swam from the Duti confluence down to the Mosque today. About forty clicks. She did great; that’s our longest day yet. A big day of flat water. Big views. Lots of views of the Slamgeesh Range, looking up Chipmunk Creek into those mountains. I had a couple snips at some fish. A couple Chinook rolled. And, uh, we’re going to make our way down to the Sustut tomorrow. And we’ve got some of the biggest whitewater of the trip as of yet. And we’re all lookin forward to it. Ali’s doing great, she swam a lot without the flippers and board today to loosen up. She kept a good pace for forty kilometres. A short lunch; put about nine hours in on the river. Okay, well, talk to you tomorrow. This is Jim Allen from the Mosque.

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Posted by Alex & Jim Howard  on  07/26  at  06:32 PM

Another wonderful blog to mull over.  Wish we could all see some of the beautiful scenery you are enjoying.  Hope the whitewater swim wasn’t too hard on Alison or Chris and the gang in the rafts.  xoxo