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Wednesday, August 12: Energy flagging, Ali calls in only two days upstream from the finish line

[Listen to the audio file of Ali’s blog entry]

Hi Friends of the Spirit of the Skeena Swim 2009. It’s Ali calling from the Skeena where we’ve been stopped by tides a bit early today. It’s Wednesday. We’ve had a hectic past few days. Long, long swim days with lots of cold weather and lots of mileage. Many many seals and spectacular views. I’m starting to smell the ocean air but still not there yet. Hopefully we’ll head that way soon. Energy is flagging as I’m sure you can tell by this blog. But I’m happy for everybody’s support. We keep getting honked at and whistled at and also waving from the highway and it certainly goes a long way to boosting my energy levels and helping me out. Hope everyone’s well out there and we’ll see you in Rupert in a few short days.

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