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Tuesday, July 21: Bumping through the boulder gardens to Otsi Creek

Ali and her team have finished their first day on the river. The weather was good, and they’ve had a great day, making the 15 km from the headwaters to Otsi Creek with no problems. Ali had just the two kayaks accompanying her today, as the water was too shallow and rocky for the rafts. At Otsi they’re picking up the rafts and gear, which were brought in by helicopter for the rest of the journey. Below is a transcription of Ali’s daily audio blog.

[Transmitted by satellite phone]

Listen to the audio file of Ali’s blog entry.

“Hi Friends of Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, It’s Ali and this is my blog entry for the first day of our trip, July 21.

We’re sitting at a beautiful campsite just past Otsi Creek, and we’re still surrounded by mountains — it’s spectacular here.

The day went pretty well. A big cannonball into the Skeena, and the kayakers Kim and Chris did a great little drop off of a small cascade, and then we got going.

Had some fun with the helicopter and some photographers this morning getting some crazy shots and then as the day progessed we got bumped around some boulder gardens — a little pinball action.

The kayakers looked great in their slalom course and I got hung up a few times but all in all it was pretty fun. Saw a bear. Finally stretched out the muscles. Feeling pretty good.

Got into camp to a great snack and a warm hot water bottle. So, we’re looking forward to tomorrow and more of the same, a bunch more bump-and-grind. The river is starting to take shape. We’re all still very excited.


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Posted by jim fawcett  on  07/22  at  02:17 PM

Way to go Ali!  Go Ali Go!

Posted by Peter  on  07/22  at  03:17 PM

You should be so proud.  I certainly admire your cause and determination to shine a light on it.  I will be in the Prince Rupert area on the 15th of August possibly will see you there.  Chin up and keep smiling all the way down.  I fished the Skeena as a child with my father and have never had a better experince.  Go on and just do it!

Posted by Caroline Marko  on  07/22  at  05:53 PM

I am so proud of you Ali. You sure are one-of -a-kind girl….sending you all the good vibes and think of you all the time….go, go, go !

Posted by Mom and Dad  on  07/22  at  06:00 PM

Hi Ali and the rest of your wonderful gang.As you can see we are at Brian’s place looking after 3 cats for the next few days. His home overlooks the Gatineau river which is quite tranquil at this sport, with no rocks.  Nevertheless, to look at this river gives some sense of closeness to all of you.

All of you are an inspiration to us.  xoxo

Posted by Chris Huntington  on  07/22  at  06:03 PM

Best wishes to the team. You are all an inspiration. Enjoy!

Posted by Russ Huntington  on  07/22  at  07:42 PM

Have a great time for a great cause. Russ & Lois Huntington

Posted by Monica Howard  on  07/23  at  09:33 AM

What an adventure!

Posted by Amy & Walter @ Raven Rescue  on  07/23  at  01:38 PM

Congratulations on the start of your incredible journey! You’ve put so much time into preparation it must be a relief to be on the river. We’re thinking about you!

Posted by Carson Yarham  on  07/24  at  06:07 AM

Get er’ done Ali!  Be safe out there and swim it up!