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Friday, June 05: Ali visits Skeena schools, kids get pumped about swim

BRIAN: Ali has been on the road over the last month, visiting schools up and down the Skeena and throughout the watershed from Prince Rupert to Houston. Her presentation provides an educational piece on what a “watershed” is and why the Skeena watershed has become such a globally significant place. She also does a logistical breakdown of the Swim that includes dressing up students and teachers in her swim outfit; including a rubber cap, goggles, neoprene booties and life jacket.

Ali has invited every school in the Skeena to create a representative banner that the Swim Team will carry down the full length of the river and fly from their camps all along the swim route.

The response from these visits has been inspiring to say the least. One of the goals of the Swim is to create something outrageous that gives people a reason to come out to the river this summer and perhaps think of the river and the whole watershed in a new way.

Every spring, billions of skeena salmon fry (approx. 220 million from the Babine alone!) make the impossible journey down the river to the ocean, and every fall millions of the adults swim all the way back upstream. Yet most of us don’t think about this very much when we look at the river. By following the longest wild salmon migration in the Skeena, Ali is providing each of us with an opportunity to look at the river in a new way when we watch her swim by.

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Posted by fran Miller  on  07/07  at  07:48 PM

Oh Chris, oh Ali…how amazing you both are.  Your energy and commitment is inspiring.  We will be watching the progress with great interest/concern/love.

Posted by Randy and Lynne  on  07/26  at  03:56 PM

Hi Ali,  Just your cousins dropping by to say hello.  I just showed Randy your blog sight.  Wow!  We are very proud.  We will be watching you along the way.  Good Luck! Say hi to Chris for us too!  Love your cousins Randy and Lynne xox

Posted by Vinyl Banner Printing  on  07/28  at  05:07 PM

A company called Swimtrek in the UK organise holidays where you swim from island to island (instead of using the ferry is their line; ferries are for wimps). they also do some where they swim across lakes. Have a look at their website if you want to join them