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Wednesday, July 29: Ali on a short day of whitewater to Sheladamus Creek

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Listen to the audio file of Ali’s blog entry.

Hi Friends of the SkeenaSwim (Mom and Dad especially — have a safe flight, guys), it’s Wednesday July 29 and this is Ali filing a blog.

We had a short day in which we swam and rafted and kayaked from O’Dwyer Canyon to just below Sheladamus Creek, so we travelled about 20 or 25 kilometres. Which didn’t take very long at all; in fact it felt like we spent about 45 minutes on the water today because the whitewater was moving and it was a lot of fun. Nothing too stressful and the kayakers had a really good time.

We left our beautiful camp just downstream of O’Dwyer Canyon, an area of impressive cultural heritage for an area of geological wonders. We’re camped just downstream of Sheladamus Creek right now. Because we got in at [interrupted] we spent the afternoon exploring Sheladamus Creek and some of the rock formations that are around. And we found [interrupted]. Sheladamus Creek pours out of a spectacular canyon that’s lush with verdant vegetation.

We’ve been fortunate to have beautiful weather. The short day was appreciated by me. Just rest up, take care of any aches and pains that I might be feeling, and get ready for a big day tomorrow. We’ll see two of the biggest drops [rapids] on the river: “Terminator” and “Motion Picture.” So, I’m looking forward to those. And, we’ll see how that goes.

We’re heading for the Kuldo tomorrow. Bye!

Salut les amis de la nage de la Skeena (maman et ‘pa en particulier – bon vol) on est le 29 juillet et c’est Ali qui envoie son blog.

Nous avons eu une courte journée durant laquelle nous avons nagé, fait du raft et du Kayak depuis le canyon de O’Dwyer jusqu’en aval du torrent Sheldamus, donc nous avons voyagé entre 20 et 25 kilomètres. Ça n’a pas pris longtemps du tout; en fait il m’a semblé que nous n’avons passé que 45 minutes dans l’eau aujourd’hui parce que l’eau vive était agitée et on a eu bien du plaisir. Pas trop de stress et les kayakistes se sont vraiment amusés.

Nous avons quitté notre superbe camp en aval du Canyon O’Dwyer, un lieu de haute valeur culturelle pour une merveille géologique. Nous campons en aval du torrent Sheldamus en ce moment. [interruption de la réception] Nous avons passé l’après midi a explorer le torrent Sheladamus et certaines formations rocheuses qui sont autour. [interruption]. Le torrent Sheldamus sort d’un canyon spectaculaire et exhubérant de végétation.

Nous avons eu une chance inouie d’avoir un temps merveilleux. J’ai vraiment apprecié cette courte journée. Seulement relaxer, s’occuper des coups et blessures que j’ai pu subir et se préparer pour une grande journée demain. Nous allons rencontrer les deux plus grands rapides sur la rivière: “Terminator” et “Cinéma”. Donc, j’ai hate de voir ceux-la. On verra comment ça passe.

On part pour la rivière Kuldo demain. Salut!

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Posted by Don and Mary Kay Wadel  on  07/30  at  10:48 AM


Swimming 610 kilometres is a remarkable challenge, particulary with the rapids and currents. We salute your efforts and hope you remain safe throughout your adventure. We enjoy the pictures and comments, your entire team is very talented. Enjoy the visit with your parents; as with all the Howard neighbours we are very proud of your tenacity and vision.

Posted by Wayne Buholzer  on  07/30  at  01:52 PM

have a great swim - nice of you to spotlight the Skeena River for all of us in the northwest.  I will follow your blog swim. What an adventure.

Posted by Meagan Wilkie  on  07/30  at  04:11 PM

I’m so proud of you and your conviction to the cause. I’m always sending you lots of love and energy. See you soon.

Posted by Greg  on  07/30  at  07:08 PM

Hey Dooron your mom is coming. Keep pushing hard

Posted by N  on  07/30  at  09:04 PM

Dear Ali and the Skeena Crew… I get a lump in my throat and hold my breath every time I read a new blog, see a video or hear an update.  Excited and anxious I can’t wait to greet you!

knuckles banging in anticipation. xoxo Ni

Posted by Esha Minchin  on  07/30  at  11:30 PM

Hey Ali (and everyone involved),

This is awesome and inspiring! Thank you for what you are doing.

Have a beautiful day! stay safe eh!

Posted by Meg  on  07/31  at  12:24 AM

I just want to say that I feel a tremendous swell of pride. This is all of our river, and our back yard.
We are all very proud of you.
You can do it!!!