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Tuesday, July 28: Aaron reports on the team’s first rest day of the trip

[Transmitted by satellite phone]

Listen to the audio file of Aaron’s blog entry.

Hi this is Aaron, Tuesday the 28th, our first day off. Today we did a big hike. First to mention that on our way down here, every beach we stopped at we saw grizzly bear tracks, the same one. So we’re at O’Dwyer and took a day off here ‘cause Ali swims so fast. We went and did a hike, and stumbled across and meadow and fell into fish pits and realized that there’s a whole big meadow of thimbleberries that were covering fish pits, it’s obviously a summer village site. And just before that we found a blazed tree, obviously hatched.

Yeah, a beautiful hike, Bowser was with us for part of it, the dog, but he got (word indecipherable) and we later found out he jumped into the canyon and swam the whole canyon down, just barely making the eddy at camp. He slept all the rest of the day and he’s just getting a rub now. So up there we were looking for petroglyphs. We didn’t see any, but obviously found a trail that went back up to the fish pits.

It was a repair day also, we first repaired Ali’s suit in multiple areas where it was leaking like a sieve I guess. Did a bunch of berry-picking: huckleberries & blueberries galore. Um, what else has happened? Andrew painted us a beautiful picture of our campsite and the view, the man’s quite talented. Did a lot of mandatory swims in this sweltering heat. And, yeah, bathing, laundry and eating – we ate some tasty trout, a dolly and a rainbow. A great day off. A neat meadow of fish pits.

Alright, tomorrow is whitewater all the way from morning to dinner. Okay, that’s it. (Cut off)

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Posted by Alex and Jim Howard  on  07/29  at  07:06 PM

Ali, Diane dropped us off at the airport this a.m.  Arrived in Van 10:15 am.  Dad stayed in airport and I went to my favourite place - Grenville Island.  Bought kielbasa,cziorizo, cheese, yellow cherries and bread, bread, bread.

Went back to airport and we waited for 5:45 pm flight to Smithers. They were going to get dad on plane first and I would come in a.m.  Well, they had a weight restriction and we both got bumped. We are confident we will get on plane in a.m. because there are 28 empty seats.

So we are booked in Richmond at a hotel.  HOT, HOT, HOT here.  Wonder how you are managing in water with sun on your face???  Opened up a METRO paper while waiting for the bus this afternoon and THERE YOU WERE IN THE RAPIDS!!!!  Very scary for parents to see.  We just admire your confidence.  Your team support must be exceptional.  Am so fortunate to be on hotel computer.

We will see Chris and Monica in the morning, along with Jo and Mary Michelle.  Sleep well my darling.  Love mum and dad   wlumtylu

Posted by Diane Rogers  on  07/29  at  08:22 PM

Couldn’t get audio.  Too bad but will keep trying.

Posted by Diane Rogers  on  07/29  at  08:25 PM

Read your comments, Alex and following advice!  Glad you made it so far.  I’m sure you’ll be on your way tomorrow.  Sleep well.

Posted by Brenda White & Al Niittymaa  on  07/29  at  09:49 PM


Congrats on an awesome swim so far. Keep up the great effort - we follow your adventures daily. Seems like you have GREAT support from your team and family. I’m sure the Howard clan will have a tremendous celebration at the end.

Be safe - you are in our prayers…..Brenda & Al

Posted by Sharon Fotheringham  on  07/30  at  06:05 AM

This is all amazing and very exciting and we cheer you on Alison and crew..and parents!(from one who can hardly swim across a pool!)We start our morning with your blog!