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Thursday, July 23: A truncated report from Kim the kayaker

[The following audio blog entry was transmitted via satellite phone. Unfortunately Kim lost reception and was cut off part way through, but it sounds like otherwise all went well today!]

Listen to the audio file of Kim’s blog entry.

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Posted by Alana Wadley  on  07/24  at  09:57 AM

I spoke to JIm last night and got the low down on the day..
They made it all the way to Duti last night… and are looking towards a long day to the Mosque today..
They ran both portages yesterday.. and everything was successful with Chris Gee running the second portage in his Kayak. (which you can see live footage of this from last years trip on the YOW trailer video).
Jim said everything is going really well and Ali is really holding her own and blowing everyone out of the water with her stamina..

Posted by Mom and Dad  on  07/24  at  03:01 PM

Thanks to Alan Wadley for the comment which helped to clue us in when he spoke to Jim. Nice to hear all is going well and Ali is holding up.We could not get the audio file. Hope to see you soon. Mom and Dad ilyamaylm

Posted by Jane Mccarney  on  07/26  at  12:01 PM

Hi Ali, You are amazing - so strong and courageous.  This is a great thing your doing for the river.  Following your progress with awe.  Keep up the good work. One day at a time. “Courage” Jane

Posted by dianne ward  on  07/31  at  08:04 PM

I finally found the site and I am so proud of everyone.  Everyone is going to be so lucky in years to come——for what you are doing now..  Hope to meet some of your team when we come out.. You are making a difference and not just talking about it..  Best of luck and keep safe… We love you Kim You’re special.