Sacred Headwaters Impressions - by Simon Stockner

My name is Simon Stockner. My parents are Kathy and Todd Stockner. I went to the Sacred Headwaters in July with my Dad and my friend, Eli Larsen, to help the swim team start their journey down the Skeena River. I went on this trip because I know how important it is to keep the Skeena River safe, and I wanted to see the birthplace of one of the biggest, untouched rivers in B.C.

While I was there I got to know Ali and the whole crew. I had a fun time hanging out with them, and playing music with Eli at the evening campfires. We saw a full grown grizzly bear and got almost fifteen feet away from it! We also saw moose, caribou and a lot of beautiful views of the landscape. Eli and I got to ride in a helicopter for the first time!

During this trip I learned that the Sacred Headwaters is truly a sacred place and definitely a place worth fighting for.