If You Could Meet Great Leaders in Their Youth, This is What They’d Look Like

February and March brought us the incredible opportunity to take part in the youth mentorship program organized by the Storytellers foundation.  We all have our favourites and when Sarah asked me about the doing the program I said, "Yes, of course, I don't suppose Cheyanne Travers is doing the program is she?"  Little did I know that Cheyanne had expressed interest in doing her mentorship with us as well.  A match made in heaven to say the least!

Back up a few months and we are back in August of 2012.  Cheyanne was the only girl participant out of about 14 youth in our Youth on Water program.  She started out as a wallflower but by the end of the program she had kicked Matt Lewis (one of the guides) permanently off of the oars and had found a new talent.  She also joined WOW (Women on Water) and spent a total of 9 days on the river with only one day off to get school supplies.  She was our YOW/WOW superstar and we were so excited to get her help around the office.  

Over the weeks that she was in our office Cheyanne got a feel for what it takes to run a program like YOW and WOW.  She helped with event prep, explored some First Nations Art, generally made herself useful and even helped Shannon welcome someone to Hazelton, Northern style!  (You'll have to ask her for the dirt on that!)

If you see Cheyanne around give her a big ol' handshake and thank her for her enthusiasm, energy and honesty.  She has been an invaluable asset and we hope to see more of her around here!  Here's to mentorship!