Skeena Stories

Willie Korff - Veteran & Fisherman

Willis Korff grew up in Northern California. With the advent of Pearl Harbor, the young Willy immediately joined the marines and was sent to Hawaii. For several months he cleaned up the bodies and aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Some of his time was also spent in the Hospital as he received lead poisoning while cleaning burnt paint out of some of the destroyed ships.

Sacred Headwaters Impressions - by Simon Stockner

My name is Simon Stockner. My parents are Kathy and Todd Stockner. I went to the Sacred Headwaters in July with my Dad and my friend, Eli Larsen, to help the swim team start their journey down the Skeena River. I went on this trip because I know how important it is to keep the Skeena River safe, and I wanted to see the birthplace of one of the biggest, untouched rivers in B.C.

The Senden Project - Sustainable Agriculture Resource Centre

Upper Skeena Development Centre purchased the historic Senden farm site two and a half years ago to restore and develop the property into an Agriculture demonstration site and resource centre. We were concerned about lack of facilities for programming and wanted to address food security, health and employment issues in the region. Since then our community "HUB" partners; Storytellers Society, the Village of Hazelton and the Bulkley Valley Credit Union, have invested funds to hire staff and to explore funding options; as a result we conducted a feasibility study which lead to the creation of a business plan for the next five years of operation and we were able to obtain funding from several sources to advance our plans...

My Dad and The Stikine - By Matt Eckfeldt

After seven or so years of university, I finally finished school with a degree in geology, but was pretty worried that a life of work without rest awaited me. So before I could become a full fledged member of the rat-race, I needed to chalk-up another epic trip. After talking with a few river inclined people, I chose the Stikine River, for its professed beauty and balance between fun and mellow. And so for two weeks this summer, myself and my dad Charlie Eckfeldt, took time off from our jobs to float down the Stikine. Within that time we hiked under the sun in the alpine meadows of the Spatsizi Wilderness Park and rafted through the canyons and forests of the Great River, witnessing the beautiful transition from Sumer to Fall.

Joe Sullivan - Skeena’s Coach of Olympians

Canada has sent 6 women to Olympics. one third of them from Hazelton. Canada has won three medals in Olympic wrestling one third of them from Hazelton and the only gold. One quarter of every Olympic women's wrestling team has been Hazelton women. For several years the national women's team has been from one third to one half Hazelton women...and all of them coached by Joe Sullivan.

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