Up Your Watershed - 2013 - We are the Future!

Inspiration, joy, great energy and tonnes of kids came out of the 'Up Your Watershed' (UYW) events in 2012. The goal of the UYW program is to initiate positive action and behavioral change for our watersheds and to preserve our ecosystems.

How do we do this?

Using music to spread the message with awesome bright colors and interactive entertainment. A contagious happy energy is shared by all who attend. It was a brilliant invitation to schools to contribute and learn about reducing their environmental footprint. From saving salmon stocks to composting in the garden!

Its a great way to share and educate others in gaining a broader understanding of the watershed stewardship. Just listen to the vibrant energy behind this one young lady at the end of the video.

UYW is a musical performance that went through a bunch of schools in the Northwest from Prince Rupert down to Smithers.  Led by Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright from the students were taught the lyrics and dance moves and put on an incredible production in each school.

The key component was singing about conservation. Ensuring sustainable salmon stocks and the continuation of salmon cycles in the rivers and oceans. Along the way the kids learned that maintaining our waterways so they stay clean and healthy for all involved is essential for both human and ecological health.  All very important issues up here in the Northwest.

When you see the videos it is pretty clear the message is spreading wider then just the kids. While the kids becomed engaged, it sure appears the adults do too!

What a great successful event promoting a very powerful message in an equally powerful way. Lets learn to really sustain the enviroment!
It's time to become proactive right now!