Skeena 2050

Skeena2050 is a collaboration between SWCC & Skeena Wild Conservation Trust.

The project aimed to knock on every door in the Skeena watershed to find out what values are important to its residents. Our ideal is a more democratic, deliberateone, wherein citizens of the Skeena set the agenda for politicians and for companies, and not the other way round. The vision depends on a significant level of citizen engagement. We know from experience that people of the Skeena are often willing to come together, despite differences, in order to protect the watershed. But we need to take to a higer level.

In the first half of 2014, skeena2050 gathered volunteers to go door-to-door across the Skeena region and speak with people about the issues that matter to them.

Our intention was to ask thought-provoking questions; listen carefully to what we heard; and share our findings with the community.

The response was phenomenal. More than 80% of people who were invited to participate agreed to do so. In total, our volunteers spoke with more than 600 people from Prince Rupert to Houston, in conversations ranging from a few minutes to half an hour.

What we learned is that our neighbours are ready and willing to engage in thoughtful dialogue about building a better future. All it takes to spark conversation is for us to step up and listen—genuinely, respectfully and without judgement.

Hosting partners: SkeenaWild and us, SWCC!

skeena2050 was initially conceived by SkeenaWild and SWCC. These two organisations designed and built the infrastructure that would host volunteers and participants, then stepped back to allow the project to run independently.

The results have now been compiled in three different formats. Choose a version that suits you to read and/or download:

  1.  By The Numbers: A booklet with 12 colour charts. Read it, or download it here.
  2.  In Words: A selection of 440 individual answers from skeena2050 participants. Read them, or download them here.
  3.  Through Stories: Video clips in which our volunteers share their experiences and learning. Watch them here.