Invisible Migration Logo

This northwest coast design was a collaboration between Gitxsan artist Cash Bo Smith and Hazelton-based artist Leah Pipe. It depicts a woman releasing the tiny smolts into the river: her open hands shown releasing them and guiding their migration. The Woman's round face appears at the top section of the design, her female features illustrated with full lips, warm eyes, high cheek bones and a labret inserted into the bottom lip. The inverted mirrored face in the bottom section of the design represents her face reflected in the water, as she stands in attendance at the river's edge. There are nine smolts travelling a river route designed to form an Infinity Symbol; this infinity migration of smolts demonstrates their difficult journey to the sea and their triumphant return to the place of their birth. The nine smolts represent the nine sub-basins in the Skeena Watershed. The darker, more detailed smolt at the intersection of the infinity loop swims strongly as the only one that successfully completes the return to its birthplace. The entire design exists within a circle indicating the eternal life cycle and supporting the fact that all things are connected. The colours for this design were inspired by several observations: the watersheds (the water, the grasslands, the estuaries and moss-covered trees) the season (the light yellows indicating the rise of the sun at the point of springtime) and the ancient Chilkat Blanket (mountain goat wool dyed with natural plant life and honouring the respect of the blanket's weave).

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