The Invisible Migration Lake Babine

Date and time: Thu, May 24, 2018 - 11:44 am
City/Town: Lake Babine
Venue: Lake Babine Fish Fence

It's happening again this year!

Everyone's been eagerly awaiting the annual Invisible Migration events, held in the north to honour the millions of tiny smolts (baby salmon) heading to the coast each spring! When our rivers rise and turn brown, we don't pay much attention to them. But! beneath the swirling, coffee-coloured currents, are milions of baby salmon making the trecherous journey to the coast. When they reach the coastal estuary at Lelu Island, they will stay amid the eel grass as they convert themselves from a freshwater being to a saltwater being. How cool is that!? This is one leg of their life cycle journey, which ultimately brings them back to the creeks and streams where they were born.  

Event: Lake Babine 

Join us in celebration at the Lake Babine Fish Fence on Thursday, May 24th – 11am – so many cool things to do: guided jet boat tours of the fish fence and data station, BBQ, Ceremonial Blessing and Smolt Release Ceremony... and more!

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