Rivers at Risk Tour

Date and time: Wed, October 15, 2008 - 8:29 pm
City/Town: Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert
Venue: Terrace Theatre, Kitimat MESS Theatre, Prince Rupert Nisga'a Hall

Rivers At Risk Tour

Featuring Keynote Speaker – RAFE MAIR
Also: Spokesperson for Save our Rivers Society
Hall of Fame Broadcaster – former Social Credit Minister of Environment

Join the Battle to Save Public Power and Our Rivers
Tom Rankin – President, Save our Rivers Society

Joe Foy – National Campaign Director, Wilderness Committee

Damien Gillis – Documentary Filmmaker “Power Play, The Theft of BC’s Rivers”

Andy Ross – President, COPE 378

Wednesday, Oct 15 – Terrace Theatre 7-9pm
Thursday, Oct 16 – MESS Theatre, Kitimat 7-9pm
Friday, Oct 17 – Nisga’a Hall Prince Rupert 7-9pm

Sponsored by CAW Local 2301 & COPE 378

The Issue:

We as a population in BC face a historic challenge. All through time our rivers have flowed freely. Our provincial government is quietly giving away rights to our public rivers for private power production to some of the world’s biggest corporations. Not only is new private river power significantly driving up our power bills already but the policy that has never been debated threatens our environment, economy and society as a whole.

The trend toward private power that bears no benefit for us would only get worse if private power escaped public intervention. Since 2003, The BC Energy Plan has forbidden our profitable public utility BC Hydro from doing its job growing our green power assets and instead forced our utility to write extraordinarily overpriced purchase orders to buy power from private hands making power with our money and our rivers.

What we have been told by our political leaders about our energy supply is now proven to be untrue. We import power because we can-because of our big dams-and we sell it back to our neighbours at higher prices when their demand is high. We choose to do this because it is profitable-returning a hundreds of millions of dollars a year to our province for health care and education. While private river power is promoted as “green” the reality is these projects cause massive damage to BC’s watersheds and wilderness: cutting carbon-absorbing trees for power lines and roads, and diverting up to 90% of a river’s flow through miles of pipe. In this era of global warming and conflict over shrinking natural resources, maintaining control of our water-for life and peace-is the most important challenge facing British Columbians today. Help to eliminate private renewable energy licenses now and keep our power public!

The Goal:

To educate the people of BC-owners of the finest, greenest, most profitable public electricity system in the world-to save our rivers and our renewable energy assets. This means that together we must take charge of our environment by making elected people accountable to us.

Together we will bring about the cancellation of the BC Energy Plan and its restrictions on public power development, the cancellation of private power water licenses, and the cancellation of the BC Hydro-Accenture contract which saw 1500 public employees outsourced to a private multi-national consulting firm along with a little housecleaning at BC Hydro. We must together ensure that nobody is elected to any public office in BC unless she/he agrees to defend the 100% public ownership and 100% public benefit inherent in public education, public health and public power. Save Our Rivers!

Save our Rivers Society

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