Lamb Roast & 10,000 Salmon Glue Party

Date and time: Tue, May 18, 2010 - 12:00 pm
City/Town: Hazelton, BC
Venue: Bruce & Rene Chandler's Ranch


Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition has 10,000 little paper salmon that need to be glued (mod-podged actually) to 28 giant salmon for our HUGE community art project.

Bruce Chandler has built 28 large salmon (1 for every community that participated) that use 250-300 little salmon on each. So – we need an emergency team to help us do this work!

Bruce is going to roast a lamb for whomever comes out to help! Please bring something potlucky to contribute to the meal.

Tuesday, May 18th at the Chandler’s House (near South Hazelton) 3pm-6pm

Directions to the house:

West HWY 16 (towards Terrace & past the old Homesteader Café) turn left on Allan Road (just as you start descending a hill you need to look for Allan Road)

About a km and a half you need to start looking for a turn to the right, take this turn. Then stay left, the end of the road is BNR ranch, there is a sign on the house.

(there is second turn to the right, but don’t take that or you will end up at Scott & Maries place)

Looking forward to some great BBQ lamb!

Pass this on to those you think would also be interested.

Thanks for all you help!

Shannon McPhail
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