James Lamb & Magpie Ulysses, Live at Ksan

Date and time: Wed, July 07, 2010 - 4:00 pm
City/Town: Hazelton, BC
Venue: Ksan Historic Village Gallery

*Magpie Ulysses* has been called one of Vancouver’s most “dynamic and prolific performance poets.” Her “confessional poems hit hard, take the reader through intense visceral terrain, but never wallow.” Over the last 6 years, she has performed at hundreds of venues, house parties, high schools, and festivals throughout Canada and the United States. Magpie has been a member of two national champion poetry slam teams, and is the winner of Vancouver’s 2008 CBC poetry Face off. She is an anthropologist of the heart who doesn’t apologize for her vastness when she sets fire to the shade you took for shelter from this thing we call living.
_“She is a truly intelligent slam poet whose commentary stretches from the meaning of west coast life to the meaning of the universe.” _John Tanner, Vancouver Observer

*James Lamb* is a Canadian songwriter born of a large family of folk musicians from the Kootenay mountains in British Columbia. Since 2005, he has been featured numerous times on CBC radio, is a 2009 Arts Wells songwriting competition award winner, and has performed in countless venues across Canada. James is a storyteller with unconventional compositions and lyrics that explore the most contemporary issues in our Canadian culture, often originating in personal experiences with humanity. His live presentation can haunt a room with thoughtful joy, and his unique voice, fascinating composition, and commanding stage presence can plunge even the noisiest bar goers into mesmerized silence.
_“He is a compelling performer in show, his sharp observations delivered in a deceptively gentle manner, his voice an instrument of pure delight. His view of the world reflects his generations and I can only say the future is in good hands.” _(David Francey).

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