Get Your Ass to the Sacred Headwaters ASAP

Date and time: Thu, August 15, 2013 - 6:41 pm
City/Town: Sacred Headwaters
Venue: Beauty Camp - at the base of Mt. Klappan

The Tahltan Call on all Sacred Headwaters Supporters to Stand Against Fortune Minerals RIGHT NOW!

Fortune Minerals given 24 hours to leave Sacred Headwaters and their proposed coal mine on Mount Klappan.

The Tahltan are asking all supporters of the Sacred Headwaters to stand with them in opposition to Fortune Minerals.  You are invited to come experience the Sacred Headwaters and the spirit of the Tahltan People.  Ready to hit the road?  There are a few things you need to know first:

1. How to get there:
Turn north off Highway 16 onto Highway 37.  Follow this highway for about 425 kilometers to Tatogga Lake Resort.  Tatogga Lake Resort will be your last opportunity to fuel up.  Shortly past Tatogga Lake Resort watch for the Spatsizi Wilderness Park and Ealue Lake signs.  Turn east on this road.  Stay on the main road, do not take the signs into the Spatsizi Plateau.  Eventually you will pass a camp comprised of a cluster of white tents.  This is Fortune Mineral's camp. Continue on this road for a few more kilometers.  You will see a road off to the right and will see a camp further up.  Turn right on this road and you will arrive in Beauty Camp.     

Once you leave highway 37 you will be driving on a rail bed.  The road is passable but 4-wheel drive is recommended.  Please travel with a spare tire, a tire repair kit and jack as well as extra fuel. 

OR Use this Link to print off a map.

2. You are headed to a wilderness camp, please pack accordingly. 
You will need:
Sleeping bag & pad
Large water container (fresh water is available at a nearby creek, to be safe bring a purification system or boil your drinking water)
Cook stove
Cooking pots and dishes
Dish washing supplies
Camp chairs
Toilet paper and paper towel
Soap and hand sanitizer
Any necessary toiletries, medication, etc.
Clothes for all weather and activities
Food for your entire group for the duration of your stay in the Headwaters.  It is suggested that you also pack some additional food that is easy to share with others.
If you have them: chainsaw, tools, work gloves

3.  There is no cell service north of Kitwanga. 
Internet access is available at Tatogga Lake Resort near the turn off to the Sacred Headwaters.  Currently there is no internet or power sources in the camp.  There is a satellite phone in the camp but is only available in the case of an emergency. 

4. For more information:
Contact our office 250-842-2494

5. Can't make it to the Sacred Headwaters? 
Please donate to Skeena Watershed and help us support the Tahltan. 

Check the local weather forecast

Shannon McPhail
(250)842-2494 or (250)842-8738
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