Our Local Community Economic Development Committee

Our Community Economic Development Meetings:

As part of a revitalization project funded by Real Estate Foundation, SWCC hired a contractor to host five community economic development (CED) meetings at Upper Skeena Development Centre in Old Hazelton from October 2017 to May 2018. Attendees represented organizations and governments from the Hazleton area who are actively involved in projects that promote the social, economic and cultural health of the area.

At each meeting, attendees presented the projects they were working on or are planning, and received feedback and suggestions from others regarding potential funding, partnerships, ideas or synchronicities with other projects or regional activities. Examples of the projects that were discussed include: art installations, Hazelton Makerspace, upcoming workshops, regional signage, tourism planning, building renovations and upgrades, habitat restoration, local procurement policies, fundraising campaigns, events calendar, and library of things. Following each meeting, minutes were distributed by email to those who attended or expressed an interest in being involved.

Attendees have expressed a strong desire to continue meeting on a regular basis, and SWCC hopes to hire a coordinator to continue organizing these very productive meetings.

Paving our own way forward, working together!