Skeena Stories


SWCC's Dana Hibbard, was invited as keynote speaker for 2014 'Heart of the Valley' Fundraising banquet with a theme on interconnectedness. "But when I started to think about what I would say tonight the true meaning of interconnectedness began to evade me. I started asking people what images came to mind when they hear the word interconnectedness: a circle, a web, salmon traveling from streams to rivers to the ocean and back again …now we’re getting somewhere!"

One Year with SWCC

SWCC's Dana Hibbard reflects on one year with SWCC. "I am not exactly sure how I ended up in the Kispiox Valley. This place seems to have found me as much as I found this place......In many respects my immersion into this community has happened alongside my time at SWCC. It has been challenging getting to know a community while stepping into an ever-evolving role with a vocal community organization."

The Tide is Turning on LNG in BC

SWCC was invited by community members from Lax Kw’alaams to attend a community meeting on LNG so we hit the road and headed for the coast. Concerned that residents were not receiving the information they need on the LNG projects proposed for Grassy Point, just across the bay, Natalie had organized a community meeting. Grassy Point, along with the Skeena Estuary has been hit by the tsunami of LNG projects proposed for BC’s coast .

Eulachon Equinox

A crew of SWCC friends spent four days canoeing the Nass river during the eulachon run. "Upon arriving at the Nass River we were thrilled to see the river flowing free of ice from bank to bank. We piled into the canoes and pushed off. Breathing deeply I reveled in the contrast between the chill of the air in my lungs and the warmth of the sun on my face. The number of birds increased steadily throughout the morning."

Wonderful Winter Warming Salmon Recipe

As the weather falls into winter we decided to share this wonderful warming salmon recipe with you. This recipe won the International Rivers Day Salmon Cook-Off! Please note - we have already taken considerable flack for releasing this secret recipe, but it's just too damn good not to share with the world!! Please enjoy and feel free to share the secret.

Eye Witness Account of Fortune Minerals Eviction

Late last night members of the Tahltan nation evicted Fortune Minerals!
 Fortune Minerals open-pit coal mine they call Arctos Anthracite, proposed for Mt. Klappan, rises above the iconic valleys of the legendary Spatsizi Wilderness Plateau in the heart of the Sacred Headwaters. Generations old Tahltan hunting camps dot the caribou rich flanks and the headwaters of the Nass, Skeena and Stikine are visible from the summit. The mine development would remove most of Mount Klappan.

Terrace Ladies WOW us With Their Recipes.

Adventures, new skills and friends are just some of the great features when you join up with the WOW (women on water) programs provided each summer. It seems we are lucky enough that the ladies from the Terrace WOW program have shared a couple of their great cookie recipes with us. Here a two pretty quick cookie recipes you can whip up to take in the outdoors with you for a great energy boost.

If You Could Meet Great Leaders in Their Youth, This is What They’d Look Like

February and March brought us the incredible opportunity to take part in the youth mentorship program organized by the Storytellers foundation. We all have our favourites and when Sarah asked me about the doing the program I said, "Yes, of course, I don't suppose Cheyanne Travers is doing the program is she?" Little did I know that Cheyanne had expressed interest in doing her mentorship with us as well. A match made in heaven to say the least!

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