SWCC Christmas Garland of Joy!

This year we really got into the Christmas spirit and have sent all our supporters a "Happy Holidays" banner to adorn your home with fun Skeena facts and beautiful photos of rivers and wildlife.

We know most of you have received the banner as we've been getting flooded by emails and phone calls from our membership with rave reviews.  We're SO glad you love it!  All the love and gratitude you have sent us lights up our days and warms up our office.

Check out some pictures of the mailout that we've been sent so far and make sure you send yours!

It is so great to see our supporters getting into the Christmas spirit and getting behind the things they believe in.  If you post a photo of your banner on our Facebook page, we will enter your name into a draw for one of our new T-shirt designs!  Make sure to post on our facebook www.facebook.com/skeenawatershed  and tag us in your post!

We're SO glad to see that a permanently protected Skeena Watershed is on your Christmas wish lists!  

Thanks SO much to everyone who has already generously donated directly to SWCC in response to our mailout. This means so much to us!  It means we can continue to kick-ass and do the work we need to do to protect this place and build a sustainable future for those that live here!

If you haven't already donated, now is a great time to show your support! 

All I want for Christmas is a protected Skeena Watershed!

The first 50 people who donate $100 get a Leah Pipe print (retailing at $60!)  There are 2 to choose from while supplies last: the Raven or the Salmon Mountain.  So let's put that into perspective...for bumping your donation up to $100 you cover your $20 membership fee AND you get a $60 print.


If you haven't recieved your Xmas mailout, email us your mailing address and we'll get one sent out asap!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas from the SWCC family here in Hazelton