LNG Canada’s pipeline is going to lay it’s pipe through Unist’ot’en territory despite opposition

If you are an individual, a part of a grassroots collective, a part of a sympathetic church group, our a part of an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) or ENGO (Environmental NGO) please offer your support with us now. The TransCanada Corporation and the larger LNG Canada group are attempting to force the proposed Coastal Gas Link pipeline through our lands. Their push starts today as they send their first team to our Yintah to confront our camp.

Their chosen date to confront our people is no accident. Freda Huson's partner Smogelgem's mother is in critical palliative home care. They have done this in the past with the passing of Freda's late father and also at a seperate time when her brother passed away.

If you can launch a campaign, organize education forums, host kitchen parties, fundraise with our consent, organize a caravan, plan a trip to support us ASAP, donate, spread the word... please start. We just ask that you let us know in advance so that we can establish a contact and endorse any actions before they start. This is of course very difficult to organize amidst this trying time with Smogelgem's ailing mother. That was their deliberate, sleazy, and diabolical plan though.

They are choosing to attempt their preconstruction work and construction plans during the winter months. This is again a deliberately orchestrated plan. Winter sometimes forces many resistance movements into hibernation and also can hamper mobility for those traveling. The summers here are consumed with a dangerous and worsening forest fire season.

We need to band together now and begin our work to collectively stop them. #nowisthetime

Because of the latest correspondence with CGL will be getting a large influx of supporters coming to stay with us this winter. This will be expensive and difficult to coordinate. Donations are needed to help feed everyone choosing to stay here.

E-transfer donations can be made to fhuson@gmail.com - Please ensure that you follow-up with a second email giving the password.

To register to become a physical supporter please visit www.unistotencamp.com