Diesel Coming Through Our Communities! Have Your Say Here

Vopak is proposing to ship large amounts of Diesel and other fuels by rail to Prince Rupert. They are lobbying to not have to undertake an Environmental Assessment. This project would bring serious risks to public safety and the environment. Local communities should have an opportunity to provide input - Please provide comments to BC government. 

Public Comment and Open House on draft Application Information Requirements Now Open

The public is invited to learn about the proposed Vopak Pacific Canada project and comment on the draft Application Information Requirements, which specifies the information proposed to be required in the application for an environmental assessment certificate. Open houses will be held in Port Edward and Prince Rupert. The 33 day public comment period will start on September 6, 2018 and end on October 9, 2018. All written comments received by online form, fax or mail during this comment period in relation to the draft Application Information Requirements will be considered. For more information, including open house dates and times, please read more linked to advertisement.

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