We’re celebrating the cancellation of Petronas PNW LNG!

(HAZELTON, BC.) Supporters of Skeena salmon are celebrating with the announcement that Petronas’ Pacific Northwest (PNW) and its partners have cancelled its Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) megaproject for the north coast of British Columbia.

“The value of the Skeena estuary, where the project was proposed, has been recognized by First Nations, scientists and communities across Canada,” says SWCC executive director Shannon McPhail. “This decision moves us one step closer to honouring the true value and importance of this place to our wild salmon economy, culture and identity in the northwest.”

This project would have been one of Canada’s largest greenhouse gas polluters making any climate change commitments impossible to achieve.

“This project was proposed in the one place that every single salmon from the entire Skeena watershed needs to survive,” states Brian Huntington, SWCC associate director,  “The Skeena estuary needs permanent protection in order to keep supporting our $110 million wild salmon economy, culture and food security.”

This announcement comes on the tail of a legal blow to the project when a northwest resident filed for a review of the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission pipeline that would feed the Pacific Northwest LNG terminal.  The court made a unanimous decision that the environmental review process made unconstitutional errors.  There are four other legal actions against the project and the review process is still before the courts.

The PNW LNG project has faced consistent and heavy scrutiny from the scientific community, First Nations, politicians and community organizations.  More than 135 scientists penned a letter stating that the environmental review process for the terminal was incredibly flawed.  Despite some of those scientists working for both provincial and federal governments, their warning was ignored.

“We need solid leadership from our Provincial government in the northwest. There are people who hung their economic future on this project. Tens of thousands of people in BC are displaced by wildfire. We need our political parties to work together and while we disagree with the support thrown behind Petronas’ PNW LNG project, we can still work together to build the kind of economy we can all be proud of,” says McPhail.

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