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Do you have mad skills? We Want You!

There is always so much going on at SWCC and we are always looking for volunteers to lend a hand. However, volunteering at SWCC is about you too. Our goal is that our volunteers have fun working with us and get something valuable out of the experience too. Deciding where you want to put your time and energy is the first step to an ass kicking SWCC volunteer experience!

SWCC has tons of awesome opportunities for volunteers including:

  • Youth on Water and Women on Water programs
  • Events and Fundraising 
  • Expedition and Fieldwork
  • Research
  • Campaigning

 If you have other skills you are able to provide on a voluntary basis, or ideas about an event or something that you think needs to happen in our communities – let us know!

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Damned right I want to volunteer with you guys!:  

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Meet our Volunteer Co-ordinator: Dana Hibbard

Dana Hibbard is our wonderful Events Volunteer Coordinator. Dana will not only be working hard to bring to you more kickass events and activities this year, she is also going to be looking after all you lovely volunteers.

My first experience with SWCC was as a volunteer.  Whether it was a film night, a fundraising dance or River day, I always found it was so much fun to be involved. Here at SWCC we are at the cutting edge of making things happen and standing up for the place we love.  You can be a part of this exciting organization in so many ways.  You, the volunteer, are the life of SWCC and we want you to feel like a part of our team.  Call me to chat about the many ways we utilize and appreciate our volunteers.  I can't wait to meet you!" - Dana

Dana is here to help you help us!

Give Dana a call: (250)842-2494
Email Dana: dana@skeenawatershed.com

Drop by and visit Dana at SWCC office in Hazelton