Canada’s Biggest Decision Is About to Happen - Do the Math!

This was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's watershed moment. It turned out to be a wash, a devastating disappointment. The Federal approval of PNW LNG completely flies in the face of Justin’s election promises: science-based decisions, renewed nation-to-nation consultation, climate action commitments and protection of freshwater as a sustainable resource. He also promised to listen to the hearts of Canadians and take their feedback to heart in the attempts to create a “new” government. Fail.

This was a decision that Canadians and international communities were watching. It has revealed just how ingenuine our new Prime Minister has been when it comes to climate commitments, science-based decision-making, and navigating the tension with First Nations around industrial proposals. 


On September 27th, the Trudeau government rushed to approve the largest potential polluter of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in Canada, completely disregarding the simple math:

The math is simple:
BC’s 2050 Climate Target = 13 Megatons
Petronas PNW LNG Emissions = 10 Megatons

More than 90 international climate experts (including a scientist from NASA) have spoken out against this project, but the science wasn’t enough to convince Justin.


The Skeena estuary is where 300 million - 1 billion wild salmon migrate each and every year (TWICE!!) making it Canada's second largest salmon population. 135 of Canada's leading scientists, including BC Government scientists as well as scientists from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, have spoken our against the flawed environmental review process for this project and impacts to salmon.

Salmon are a major economic driver in the Skeena watershed, contributing more than $110 million each and every year.

40 years ago, a federal salmon study concluded that a superport built on Lelu Island would devastate the salmon populations that relied on the eelgrass estuaries on Flora Banks. That science hasn’t changed, and should have been enough to stop Pacific Northwest LNG in its tracks.

“You read these statements that say this was based on science and no, it really wasn’t. You used some science that was paid for, but you ignored an even larger body of science that was independent. You also ignored four decades of practice and knowledge from your own fisheries programs.” – Jonathan Moore, Liber Ero chair of Coastal Science and Management at Simon Fraser University

More math - Trudeau has committed to increase Marine Protected Areas from 1.3% to 10% and the Skeena Estuary has been declared a “Wild Salmon Refuge” by more than 300 First Nation leaders, politicians and scientists. 

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Justin Trudeau, Honourable Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa,
Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Ottawa,
Hunter Tootoo, Fisheries, Oceans, and Canadian Coastguard, Ottawa,
Jim Carr, Minister of Natural Resources, Ottawa,
Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Ottawa,
Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and Canadian Coast Guard, Ottawa,
Jody Wildon-Raybould, Minister of Justice, Ottawa,

Re: Pacific Northwest LNG on Lelu Island