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The Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) is a grassroots organization staffed by passionate individuals and supported by our local communities, members and volunteers.  Actually – SWCC is YOU!

We’re a hardworking crew with big aspirations and your donation — no matter the size — will help us achieve our goals of educating our community, protecting our watershed and supporting good development projects.

There are two keys ways you can give to SWCC and support our work.  The first step is deciding what work you’d like to support.

Donate directly to SWCC's awesome grassroots work:

Are you interested in supporting SWCC’s grassroots conservation activities? Are you not concerned about a tax deduction? Great! When you support SWCC’s non-charitable activities, you are not eligible for a tax refund. However, this direct support is extremely important to us.

This funding will help us to carry out our conservation campaigns and advocacy work, such as our latest Sacred Headwaters Campaign, where we helped to get Shell out of the Sacred Headwaters and ensure permanent protection.

Your support will help pay our dedicated staff, train and support our volunteers and much more! Basically, direct donations keep us afloat and allow us to successfully fulfill our mandate and continue to do the work we do up here in the Skeena Watershed.

You can donate to our non charitable activities online here. It's easy peasy!

Want to support SWCC directly?  Click me!

You can also give us a call us 250-842-2494 and we'll process the payment for you, OR you can mail us a cheque directly, payable to: Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, PO Box 70, Hazelton, BC, V0J 1Y0, Canada

Make a donation to the Skeena Watershed Fund at Tides Canada

If you like the looks of our awesome charitable programs such as Youth on Water, Women on Water, school education programs, science & research and would like to contribute to the ongoing success of these activities, please donate to the Skeena Watershed Fund at Tides Canada Foundation.

We use these funds to collaborate with various charitable organizations and support charitable work that advances our mission to cultivate a sustainable future from a sustainable environment rooted in culture and a wild salmon ecosystem.

Canadian donors supporting this charitable work are eligible for a charitable tax receipt issued by Tides Canada Foundation. Please contact us directly if you are a US donor.

Want to donate to the Skeena Watershed Fund? Click me!

Have a question about donating to SWCC? We'd love to hear from you! 
Give us a call: (250) 842-2494 or email us